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Welcome to my website. This website will aid the .NET programmer that is looking for real-life SQL examples,Visual Studio 2010 ASP.NET example,Master page setup, object oriented programming, LINQ to SQL, and other basics such as learning HTML. I provide you also with walkthroughs on learning the user interface in Visual Studio 2010. My vision is to maintain a focus on the latest .NET technology and stay consistent with tools as I learn them. I welcome your feedback on on questions and suggestions you may have about this site. There is a lot packed into this website so please feel free to explore at your leisure.

What's New: Create a Banner Page

Updated the table structure to minimize the screen size. Added the RSS News Feed at the top of the home page. Removed the AJAX and WCF sections. New videos were added to the Videos page. Fixed the banner to show on every page. Added the Google+ Comments to each page. Moved the Code View to the bottom of each page. Finally I added the Create a Banner page. If you ever wanted to learn how to create a title banner then this is the place to be. Click here to learn more.

Excel Tutorials

View the new Excel tutorials here. By the request of a good friend,I was asked if I knew anything about Excel 2010. I spent the entire day rehashing, researching, and re-learning a once, forgotten trade. The first part focuses on some of the common used formulas in the industry. The formulas (functions) demonstrated are SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, MIN, MOD, INT, INDEX, VLOOKUP, IFERROR, CONCATENATE, IF, IF(COUNT, COUNTIF (less/greater than), SUMPRODUCT, HYPERLINK, and NOW.


You can now leave comments and your questions with the newly added Google+ feedback forum. These have been embedded into each page for consistency. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon and addressing any concerns you may have.

Be sure to check out the new. Banner Page, Software Career Page, Website Hosting Page, andLINQ Page if you have an interest in ASP.NET. I have also uploaded a new video showing step by step how to use LINQ to scan a GridView and query data with a checkbox list.

Coming Soon. New Website Redesign

As I sat in my doctor's office today I began to sketch out a new project plan for my website.This will include very detailed information about how to write a basic web page from scratch and guide theuser toward the creation of a pretty advanced web page complete with images, videos, etc. It dawned on methat the site appears to be a little complex for a beginner. However very soon I will begin tore-engineer the entire layout. Please leave me any feedback of what you'd prefer to learn as a beginner.

Increase Website Traffic

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Mobile Development

Learn how to develop your own mobile applications using Visual Studio. In my last role, I worked asa Mobile Developer in the medical industry. During this time, I conducted a lot of research on the Internet learning how to use a Telerik Framework called KendoUI. KendoUI contains there own demos, code examples, documentation, forums, etc to get you started. I also learned how to write code in JavaScript and jQuery. You can click the links below to get started writing your very first mobile application.

KendoUI Mobile Development Part 1

KendoUI Mobile Development Part 2 & 3

New Stuff: Code View

I realize that having instant access to copying the text in my programs has not been available (until now). Therefore I am updating all of my pages to include sections called Code View (For Developers) where you can select and copy that section of code. These can be found at the bottom of each page where it is available. However I am still having difficulty adding the xml parts so I appreciate your patience as I work through this.

You may also notice that the format is not accurate as well and I apologize as I am still new to learning this. However the code should be completely intact. If not please be sure to email me at yochatwitme@yahoo.com so I can correct it.

Click here see a Code View section and scroll to the bottom of the page.

You can visit the SQL Server Database Setup section to learn how to setup your own SQL Server within Visual Studio. Then queries can be run using the built in Stored Procedures. I was actually asked to design a SQL Server database using an input form to capture data so that is why I started this section. Check it out.

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.NET Framework

The context of this site is directed toward the .NET programmer. However I have also provided easier start up sections for the Java and HTML pages to aid the beginner. My goal is to really expand this site in the future to cover larger topics on .NET Framework and provide useful and practical examples.

Getting Started (Beginners)

The video below will show you the .NET/C# walkthrough and sitemap. This website is helpful for students in web design courses. There is also information in these pages to help you setup a hosting service and guides on using ASP.NET. Just click on the Website Hosting tab on the left or this link for more details.

Learning to program in a computer language has been compared to speaking another language. At first it can seem like a lot of gibberish and constant retention of information. However stay confident. With trial, error, and a little practice be assured that YOU can learn it. It is my hope that you develop a deep passion for it and will one day create a site like this to help others.

The main key points you want to be concerned with is learning the basics, such as input, output, and variables.

You will also need to have a logical sense of mathematical operators, such as:

  • (1)Addition (+)

    (2)Subtraction (-)

    (3)Multiplication (*)

    (4)Division (/)

There are more operators than these (such as exponential), but you will not be required to know all of them at first. Remember consume slowly and eventually you will graduate to more complex concepts.

Basic math skills

I also want to mention though that you do not have to be a math wizard when learning either programming or web design. As long as you can add, subtract, and divide you are good to go. Only professional game designers and engineers will be required to know advanced math since it is often used in their field. However I didn't even know algebra when I first began learning programming back in 1986. It is actually more simple than you may have imagined.

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