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So as testimony to what I spoke about recently, here is the evidence of a gathering place for your projects. You are welcome to submit ideas here for Atari, C64, Dark GDK, etc. I will be expanding this page as I get your requests. We can share files online at sites like Github, Dropbox, etc. That way it will be secure.

Increase your Subscribers for Free!

I believe in giving back to the community that first gave (subscribers) to me. So this web page is my thanks to you all. I am grateful to be at over 1,000 subscribers already! My website is generating a good traffic flow. So my reward to you is to help you also if you are getting starting with a website and find traffic is not there. This may also be a way to increase your subscribers.

Commodore 64 Review

Your Atari projects, examples, and work will go here. You can have it anything Atari related as well. Think of it like a Facebook page for Atari.


Your Atari projects, examples, and work will go here. You can have it anything Atari related as well. Think of it like a Facebook page for Atari.

The 8-Bit Guy

Be sure to check out this channel. This guy provides an excellent example of the 8-bit systems and breaks down concepts in easy to understand chunks. Also the editing is great and makes it easy to follow the logic. The example video below talks about how the graphics work on the Commodore 64. I can feel his passion for the C64!

C64 - Commodore 64 Subscriber Review

Here is a place where I will add your Commodore 64 projects, pictures, etc. You are welcome to send me anything C64 related as well for review. The whole idea is to network together to learn from each other.

YouTube video reviews: C64

Send me a request and I will add your YouTube C64 review stuff here. Please welcome The Highlander who has a great retro site setup to satisfy any 80s gamer and retro fan. I look forward to adding more videos as I get the requests. Thanks so much everyone.

His YouTube channel can be found at: The Highlander


This section will be devoted to Java fans. You are welcome to submit ideas, simple projects, examples, school work, etc.

Cellbreach Trailer (contributor game)

The first contributor has arrived. Welcome MadApples. He has developed a very cool looking online multiplayer game. More to come. Be sure to check out the video and subscribe to his channel if you like this. It looks really fun.

His YouTube channel can be found at: MadApples



Overall I expect this page to change and hopefully evolve a lot. I will keep track of your requests as often as I can. This will likely be a lifetime mission, but I'm willing to give it a go and see where it goes.

Github Repository

Below is a screenshot of my Github repository. If you have a Github account we can share files securely online.

c# loops

Skype (contact)

You are welcome to contact me on Skype. This is my page below. My username is smorrow8859. Please indicate you are contacting me because you found this projects page so I know who you are. Thanks.

c# loops

Online Forum

Free free to ask questions below or share information. This is your public forum. Thank you. ***

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