Dragon's Lair

This game became so popular in 1983 that eventually it was created on many computers back in the days. The Commodore 64 version was a real interesting to say the least. It came equipped with some nice graphics taking advantage of the multicolor mode. The gameplay was awkward and took some skill to master.

Dirk the Daring

c# loops

You play the role of a knight named Dirk and serve as the protagonist for the game. Your goal is to save Princess Daphne from the Mordroc castle. She is heavily guarded by a dragon named Singe. The first level of the game (seen below) presents you with the challenge of leaping onto a platform and prevent being blown off by an enemy cloud that appears spontaneously at each corner. I'll have to admit that when I first played this, it took about an hour to make it to the first level. If you fail you are pushed off the platform and forced to start over at the entrance, requiring a jump back onto the platform once more. c# loops

Joystick controls

Movement is conditioned to each screen. At times you are moving the joystick in upward, downward thrusts or to the left and right. The trick is to pause on each movement since the game relies on timed movements of your controller.

Jumping onto the platform

The goal here is to time the jump. If you jump too soon you will fall to an uncertain doom. The game entirely depends upon timing. So to be accurate, try to jump when you are closest to the ledge c# loops

Be sure to center your player on the platform as it begins to fall down quickly. The reason for this is that in a few seconds you will be blown off by your first enemies. c# loops

The first cloud character appears in the upper left and begins to blow on your player. The trick to surviving is to run toward the cloud rather than away. The clouds can appear any any of the four corners (upper left, upper right, lower right, and lower left). It is random so you never know where they will appear. Also sometimes they will appear in the exact same area to throw off your momentum. c# loops

Once the clouds have stopped blowing, walk over to the right edge and get ready to jump as the platform to level 2 will appear at the far right. c# loops

However if you walk to close to the ledge, miss the timing of the jump, or you miss the platform jump then your player will fall into a chasm below. c# loops

Commodore 64 Basic Screenshots

This area includes all of the Basic screenshot examples from the disks I own. It includes both the pictures for the program and the code (in a scrollable window). Just click on any picture to get started.

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