Welcome to my website

You are in the right place if you want to learn how to design advanced games on the Commodore 64. Be sure to check out the Google Hangouts information below. We meet once a week on my YouTube channel. The goal of this website is to teach you Basic programming, machine language, how to create sprites, graphics, animation, etc. You can also learn about web design, check out some movies, learn how to hack games, and so on. Check out the menus for more information above. Thank you for stopping by.

Admin 300x225 - Welcome to my website

You will notice a lot of new changes made for June 2017. I am back at it and have some free time again. I just launched a store which you can access with the Shop link at the top of this page. Also several weeks ago, I launched live on There are new YouTube videos now underway for the Atari Altirra emulator with a focus on the MAC/65 machine language compiler. I will be putting together a mini game development series soon. So stay tuned to this website and search me on YouTube under the name Commodore 64 Brain.

If you’ve watched any of my videos you will know that I am a big Commodore 64 fan and have the t-shirt to prove it. You can get the shirts in multiple colors and various sizes to fit. I am hoping to purchase some newer t-shirts soon. If you are curious you can obtain a shirt here.

8-Bit Retro Store

This link will take you to a store that is located on my  website. I am using Shop Express for the display. You will be able to navigate through Tabs at the top that say for example, Computers, Gaming, Mobile Phones, DVDs, etc. Feel free to also use the drop down menu at the top. However to see the items, you will need to click on the blue Search button at the top. Then everything will populate in the window. You can also use the navigational menu at the bottom to view other items for the Retro store.

Using the Store

When using the Store link on the left hand navigation panel you will see the subcategories listed underneath, such as Computer Books/Programming, Shopping Cart, Subjects, Computer and Technology, etc. These are the direct menus for the store sub-categories. You will then see the right side populated with the store items. To leave this page however, notice you won’t be able to click the menus on the left anymore. Rather look at the top of the Store window where you see Home, Books, Subjects, etc. If you click on the Home link you will then be redirected back to the main page where you can click on the left hand panels again. Until I figure out why this is happening, just follow these directions for now and you should be able to navigate the entire website.